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Studio: Yummygirl
Scenes From Sofie Marie

Fill Me Up Double Dildo DP
Sofie Marie
10 min of video
Sofie masturbates for you with two dildos, one in her pussy and one in her sweat ass!

Cuckold by Phone 15 Music Man
Bobby Adore , Sofie Marie
32 min of video
Sofie is a big fan of Bobby's music and she convinced him to come home with her after his last show. His sexy music and smile really got her hot and wet. One troublesome issue is, Sofie is married, but she is a hot wife and as long as she sends videos of her hookups, she is allowed to bring home men to play with her. Sofie takes Bobby's BBC in her mouth and pussy and she gets a pussy full of cum to save for her cuckold hubby!

Dishwasher Repair Gets Messy
Shaundam , Sofie Marie
216 Photos, 28 min of video
Sofie's dishwasher is on the fritz, and she calls for a repair man. When Shaundam shows up, Sofie knows she needs his BBC and his seed in her horny wet pussy. She takes of her panties and gives the repairman a show until he makes the move by putting his face in her wet snatch. Sofie returns the favor sucking on his BBC before he stretches her pussy with his big dick, until he fills her pussy full of his cum!

Taboo Swap Party
Conor Coxxx , Patrick Delphia
48 min of video
Payton Hall and Sofie Marie are hanging out while their step sons, Conor Coxxx and Patrick Delphia, are playing air hockey. The guys are horny for each others mamas, and they make a bet on the hockey game. Loser has to kiss the other's mum. Well, the ladies are down with the attention from the sexy young men, and the foursome has hot group sex! They even switch partners and have hot taboo sex before the guys cum on their MILF's faces!

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Gigi And Sofie On The Couch 2
Gigi Nicole , Sofie Marie
36 Photos, 1 min of video
SofieMarieXXX SM gigi and sofie on the couch part 2

Sofie Does Anal BBC Style
Eddie Jaye , Sean Michaels
123 min of video
Legend Sean Michaels is Sofie Marie's anal trainer, and he has given her instructions for her first interracial, professional anal scene!  This full video includes before and after interviews which have Sean's prepping instructions and special tricks to aid in the giving and receiving of anal sex!   Sofie eventually takes all of Sean's 11 inch cock balls deep.  They start with slow gentle sensual kissing, pussy licking and lots of lube for penetration. Sofie take Sean in missionary, doggy, reverse cowgirl, and cowgirl.  As she gets into the sex, her orgasm train starts rolling,  She does her first Ass-to-mouth for Sean, and Sean finishes by dumping his cum deep into Sofie's pussy! Sofie Marie loves BBC and Eddie Jaye's hot body! She dressed up in super short shorts and woke up Eddie early on a Friday morning. Sofie hubby is traveling again and she was craving having all her holes filled! She and Eddie get right to business with some of Sofie's great oral skills and Eddie gives her a great fucking while they send cell phone videos to her hubby. She tells Eddie that she need his cock in her ass and he willingly obliges and he let loose his big load in her tight butthole! Sofie is Will's landlady, and he wants to have his bro Thrill, move in with him. Sofie is considering another boarder, so she agrees to interview the brothers in her bedroom! She pulls down their workout shorts and starts by sucking on their big black cocks, and then she wants to be fucked hard. She is enjoying the interview process and then she offers them the key to the BACK DOOR! She performs a thorough interview: Two BBCs, Anal sex, ATM, a cream pie and a facial.

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ASS Camo In Malibu Rocks
Sofie Marie
33 Photos
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SofieMarieXXX WW Yellow Rocks Desert

Las Vegas Bathtime
Sofie Marie
71 Photos
SofieMarieXXX SM las vegas bathtime

Sofie Marie and Val Dodds are excited to meet each other and hang out as they pack for a weekend getaway.  They arrive in Panama on separate planes and meet in the hotel lobby, then they head off to dinner and belly dancing.  Then, they head back the hotel and jump in to bed with each other......They next morning, they decide to go shopping together, and when they get in the dressing room, they cannot keep their hands off each other!  Back at the hotel, they finish the job with hot and heavy sex on the couch in their suite.   The fun continues as they get in the spacious shower and clean each other from head to toe.  While shopping they bought some fun net dresses, so they put them on and headed to dinner and drinks at a popular bar/club, where they made quite an impression on the locals. After dinner they headed to the pool in their sexy bikinis...... They finally had to cool off so they ran and jumped into the pool to stem their desires.  They did not want to leave Panama or each other as the connection they made was so magical.  They made a promise to take another trip together soon, maybe Barcelona, Spain?

Poor Josh has lost the use of both hands due to an injury so he is very needy and needs help with everything! Sofie is his hot stepmom and she has an insatiable appetite for young hard cock! Josh has a hard on and Sofie notices the bulge and offers to help out a horny young man, and he jerks his dick until he cums on her face. Later, Josh approaches Sofie in the kitchen and begs her for help with his high libido. Sofie drops to her knees and blows Josh until he blows his load on Sofie's face!

Nuru Grappling Creampie
Sofie Marie
29 min of video
Sofie and Spike wrestle nude in Nuru massage gel and get hot and horny!  Feisty Sofie finally relents and Spike fulls her oily pussy full of cum! 

Soccer Moms Love Pink Bedtime
Sofie Marie , Sophia West
14 min of video
SofieMarieXXX Soccer Moms Love Pink Bedtime

Black Net Dress Mattress
Sofie Marie
106 Photos
SofieMarieXXX SM Black Net Dress Mattress

Closeup BJ Cock Worship
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
21 min of video
Sofie worships a big dick as she licks, sucks, and nurtures the cock and balls until it blows! Then, she masturbates with a pin-point clit vibe until she cums!

StepMom Wants to make a baby
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
18 min of video
Sofie and her husband are trying to get pregnant and with his travels and slow "swimmers", Sofie is frustrated. When her stepson asks to use her shower, she gets a naughty ideal looking at his young body. She puts the moves on him and convinces him to fuck her and cum in her fertile womb!

Lace Dress Fun
Sofie Marie
1 min of video
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Nude Malibu Cave
Sofie Marie
68 Photos
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Nude Train Tracks
Sofie Marie
97 Photos
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Black Strap Dresses
Sofie Marie
351 Photos, 14 min of video
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StepSiblings Reconnect DP Threesome
Bambino , Sofie Marie
38 Photos, 34 min of video
Stepsiblings Sofie and Bambino used to mess around in their past, and now they are eager to hook up again. Sofie dresses to kill in a hot lingerie outfit, the two get right to business, picking up where they left off years ago. When Sofie's husband walks in, they don't even stop, and her husband hops in to join the fun. Sofie takes both cocks at the same time including getting her ass and pussy pounded at the same time! She asked for a double facial from her favorite men at the end!

Nude Studio
Sofie Marie
39 Photos
SofieMarieXXX SM nude Studio

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Dr Marie Milks The Prostate
Sofie Marie
12 min of video
Dr Marie is a sexy urologist and she loves her job, especially the prostate exam. Sofie milks her patient's prostate as she fingers his ass and strokes his hard cock until he explodes!

Malibu Strings Pink Blacks
Sofie Marie
16 Photos
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Impregnate Me
Sofie Marie
18 min of video
Even though you and Sofie broke up, you both still have strong sexual desires for each other. Sofie stops by your place to ask you a favor. She wants a baby and you get to be the sperm donor, no strings attached! In this solo fantasy, Sofie begs you for your baby batter so she can have your baby grow in her tummy!

Pink Flower Bikini
Sofie Marie
46 Photos
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Nude Rocks Tahoe
Sofie Marie
34 Photos
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Impregnation Fantasy
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
19 min of video
Sofie is sick of her pathetic husband, so she asks you to give her great sex and make her pregnant with your baby! All she wants is to make a baby with you!

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Nude Hoodie Malibu Rocks
Sofie Marie
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SofieMarieXXX SM WW Microminimus Anniversary 2018 Web

SofieMarieXXX SM WW Microminimus Bluff

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Ranch Hands Handle Mama
Chris Rail , Sofie Marie
20 Photos, 44 min of video
Young Chris is at the kitchen table talking to his cool stepmum Sofie. His Padre is off checking fence lines, so they are alone. Chris confides in Sofie that he is not feeling confident because of his tense relationship working on the ranch with his Padre. Sofie offers compliments and some physical reinforcement that shy Chris welcomes! Chris gets a blow job from Sofie, and as she is swallowing his cum, they are caught in the act with Chris's dick in Sofie's mouth! To their surprise, Chris's Padre joins them and uses the opportunity as another teaching moment! Chris needs to learn to fuck and Sofie and his Padre will teach him. As sex lessons go, it was certainly advanced, and Chris and Padre DP and take all of her holes and they cum on her pretty face!!

Red Rocks Study Nude
Sofie Marie
28 Photos
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Yummygigi Gigi and Sofie A-s-s Slings Availa Beach

SofieMarieXXX SM red white and blue scarf blacks beach part 1

Silver Dress Window La Jolla
Sofie Marie
101 Photos
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Sofie In Blue by Miles Long
Sofie Marie
170 Photos
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Flashing - Top Up
Sofie Marie
3 Photos
SofieMarieXXX SM Top Up

SofieMarieXXX SM Sofie Gigi Purple MS Fuscia WW GoldenGate

Sofie's Christmas Special 2019
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
337 Photos, 29 min of video
Three special Christmas themes scenerios for your Merry enjoyment! Sheer lingerie....Sofie as "Olaf" using an "icicle: in her ass....POV Sex under the Christmas tree!

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Sofie ASS Slings Avila Beach
Sofie Marie
121 Photos
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Cabana Ibiza Video
Sofie Marie
12 min of video
Cabana Ibiza Video

Couch Nude BJ Video
Sofie Marie
10 min of video
Couch Nude BJ

Good Vibrations video
Sofie Marie
39 min of video
SofieMarieXXX SM good vibrations

Santa Hires An Escort Elf
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
18 Photos, 19 min of video
Santa is tired of Mrs Claus's lack of sexual energy so he used his twinkle to call up an elf escort to help him have a white Christmas before he hops on his sled. Sofie the elf takes care of the jolly old fellow's masculine needs and swallows his snowball cum at the end!

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Sofie Black Hood Leotard
Sofie Marie
113 Photos
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Sofie is having her first Christmas, and she is enjoying a beverage by the Christmas tree. Her new member joins her stepson and offers her a gift. Sofie is so surprised and feels so much love that when she takes the gift and it offers a very inappropriate surprise, Sofie just smiles. She is overwhelmed with gratitude, and she returns the gift by touching and giving her new stepson member a great blow job.

Hubby's Gone Anal Creampie
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
33 Photos, 27 min of video
Sofie's hubby is running errands for her, and she is desperate for a big dick fucking, so she calls Spike to get her holes pounded! They quickly get to fucking and then Spike slides his dick in her ass, and Sofie is hot for the sensation, especially when he fills her ass full of cum!

Pink Lipstick Mesh
Sofie Marie
92 Photos
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Dirty Sex in the Laundry Room
Brad Knight , Sofie Marie
19 min of video
Sofie Marie is a horny girl with dirty panties, and she sees Brad Knight in the laundry room. She asks if she can put her panties in with his load. Brad agrees, but wants Sofie to pay him back! She gladly sucks his cock then lets Brad's big dick pound her tight pussy! She happily accepts a big cum facial!

Step-Sisters Payton and Sofie meet at a restaurant after years of not seeing each other. They reminisce about all of their years growing up and sharing a bed. Payton reminds Sofie of how much she really enjoyed their cuddles! Payton has been lonely and invites Sofie to her hotel room for some cuddles. At the hotel room, Sofie sees Payton's toys, and the clothes come off as cuddles turn to pets and licks! The sisters really get close again between each others legs. Payton needs some cock, so Sofie invites her driver to the room so Payton can get the fucking she craves. The sisters quickly undress him and get to work on his big dick! Spike fucks both girls, and both girls squirt for him! After taking turns fucking and sucking the driver's dick, the girls make him cum and Sofie licks the hot jizz off Payton's tits!

Sofie Marie
346 Photos

Mrs Claus Hires an Elf Escort
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
13 Photos, 19 min of video
It's Christmas Eve, and Santa is gone again, and poor Mrs. Claus is sad and lonely. She hates being left alone, so she hires an escort to fulfill her needs. Mrs Claus unwraps her present and sucks and fucks the escort until she drains his elf cum into her hungry mouth! Santa will never know that Mrs Claus is on the naughty list!

SofieMarieXXX Gigi and Sofie on the Couch

Black Workout Outfit
Sofie Marie
220 Photos
SofieMarieXXX SM Black Workout Outfit

Nude Poolside
Sofie Marie
26 Photos

Jada and Jackie are sweethearts and they are ready to try to have sex for the first time. Jackie's stepmum, Sofie Marie, is so cool, Jada asks Sofie for some advice and instruction on how to have sex the best way! Sofie is better at showing versus telling, so she starts by showing Jada how to experience pleasure with her pussy. Sofie plays with and licks her virgin pussy, then she grabs a strap-on and gives Jada her first penetration experience as Sofie gives Jada's wet pussy a good fucking! Jada is so excited about her newfound sexual knowledge, she calls Jackie to tell him she is on her way over to have sex! Jackie is terrified since he is a virgin too and does not know what to do! He calls for Sofie and runs into her room. He begs her to give him a sex lesson ASAP. Sofie complies and shows Jackie how to please a woman with his tongue, and Sofie reciprocates by sucking on his young cock! Then, Sofie gets to work teaching him to have sex by having him put his penis in her pussy! Sofie is riding Jackie when Jada walks in and catches them in the act! Quickly, Sofie invites Jada to join in the fun! Sofie helps the virgins consummate their love as Jada slides her tight pussy onto Jackie's cock. Sofie is licking Jada in a 69 with Jackie pounding Jada doggie style when Jackie cums and dumps his load all over Sofie's face!

Aunt Mae Unclogs Spiderman
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
14 min of video
Aunt Mae answers Peter's distress call. Spiderman's web shooters are clogged and he cannot save the city. Aunt Mae offers to unplug his shooter, and Peter takes out his peter and Aunt Mae expertly uses her mouth to unclog Spiderman's shooter.

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Yo Ho! Blow Me Matey
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
15 min of video
Captain Spike joins First Mate Sofie Marie on a tropical beach. Sofie proves her loyalty to Spike by raising his staff and swabbing his mast.

Spring Break
Sofie Marie
53 Photos
SofieMarieXXX SM Spring Break Web

Dr Fhelgud Orgasm Exam
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
39 min of video
Dr Fhelgud is a sex doctor, specializing in orgasm therapy for women. Sofie just not feeling anything down there during sex from her husband. Dr Fhelgud examines her vagina with his gloved hands and a speculum. Then he fingers Sofie's responsive vagina and clitoris, before he massages her G-spot until she squirts! So far the exam is normal as Sofie clearly responds to stimulus. The Doc then uses his penis to stimulate Sofie to more orgasmic pleasure before his unloads his cum into her swollen red pussy.

Long Lost Sisters Cuddle Again
Payton Hall , Sofie Marie
30 min of video
Step-Sisters Payton and Sofie meet at a restaurant after years of not seeing each other. They reminisce about all of their years growing up and sharing a bed. Payton reminds Sofie of how much she really enjoyed their cuddles! Payton has been lonely and invites Sofie to her hotel room for some cuddles. At the hotel room, Sofie sees Payton's toys, and the clothes come off as cuddles turn to pets and licks! The sisters really get close again between each others legs.

Jada and Jackie are sweethearts and they are ready to try to have sex for the first time. Jackie's stepmum, Sofie Marie, is cool and Jada asks Sofie for some advice and instruction on how to have sex the best way! Sofie is better at showing versus telling, so she starts by showing Jada how to experience pleasure with her pussy. Sofie plays with and licks her virgin pussy, then she grabs a strap-on and gives Jada her first penetration experience as Sofie gives Jada's wet pussy a good fucking!

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Broker Tours New Listing
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
18 min of video
Sofie is a new agent and wants to show off her new listing to her Broker, Mr. Irons. She gives him a tour of the house and uses her body to really make the sale stick! Sofie squirts and takes a cream pie!

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Nuru Massage
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
25 min of video
Come on over to Sofie's for a wet and slippery nude, full body NURU massage with a happy ending!

Black Mega Mesh Bikini
Sofie Marie
91 Photos
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Black Melody Bikini
Sofie Marie
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Green Wave Wicked Weasel
Sofie Marie
117 Photos
Green Wave WW

Nuru Solo
Sofie Marie
6 min of video
Sofie slides in her NURU gel as she masturbates to a huge orgasm with her vibe!

Hot wife Sofie Marie and legend Marcus London connect on line when Sofie's husband is out of town. She has a hall pass, as long as she sends her cuck hubby pictures of her fucking another man. Sofie and Marcus get naked fast and they get to work licking, squirting, sucking, and fucking each other silly! They have an obvious connection with each other, and the action is super hot! You get to see the actual videos they send to Sofie's husband! Marcus finishes by leaving his cum in Sofie's pussy for her cuck hubby to lick up when he gets home from work. Sofie Marie picked up Danny Mountain at a pub, and they head to go hook up! Danny noticed Sofie's wedding ring, but she dismissed it as she was separated. During their hot encounter, Sofie's phone location sound (Find my Phone) goes off. Sofie lies and she says its her girl friend. They continue to have hot sex, until the phone goes off again, and their is an angry knock at the door by Sofie's husband! He found her! Hot wife Sofie Marie needs some attention, so she calls a local escort service to find a professional sex worker to satisfy her needs. After a call to Quinton James she invites him over to sample his services. Sofie is smitten with Quinton's good looks, English accent, and charm, and she lets him use his skills on her body. Sofie is immersed in his sexual pleasures. Quinton uses his tongue and cock to make Sofie have multiple orgasms. Sofie sends her poor hubby video of her escapade including Quinton's cum dripping from her well fucked pussy.

Blue Lace Dress Stairs
Sofie Marie
123 Photos
blue lace dress stairs

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Studio 702 Shoot

Ass Gunmetal Malibu
Sofie Marie
15 Photos
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Sofie Marie and her virgin girlfriend Adrian Hush have just returned home from shopping at the mall, and Adrian asks Sofie for advice about sex. Adrian wants to have sex with her boyfriend, but she is a virgin and is very inexperienced. Sofie is a great teacher, and does a show and tell with Adrian about what to do and what to feel! Lots of touching, licking and finally a strap-on fucking session to break the virgin's cherry!

Strap Tease
Sofie Marie
63 Photos
SofieMarieXXX SM Strap Tease

Formal Dinner Party Masturbation
Sofie Marie
170 Photos, 8 min of video
Formal Dinner Party Masturbation